If you’d like to tell your YWAM story or would just like to chat, you can reach me here:

jmtalley880 at gmail

16 Responses to “Contact me”

  1. Selene said


    I understand that most here are people who were in or are in the YWAM… Just wondering if any of your family tried to talk to you about the YWAM while you were in. If so how did you take it and what would be a better why to go about talking to a family member who is in the YWAM.

    doing the research on the YWAM scares me. As my family is following the signs…. they gave almost all of there belongings away i believe they have no money and new baby on the way. I have so many questions about the YWAM… as how did you get money to go to place to place. How do you provide medical for your family. How will the YWAM help…. what do you do when you have nothing left I.e. food cloths

    now that our family is aware of whats going on i really don’t know what to do i feel helpless as if im supposed to sit here and watch them give everything they own away risk the life of there child and the child thats on the way. travel all around our country with nothing chasing what i think is empty dreams.

    what did your family do for you. what did they do when you came home. what did they have to do for you emotionally financially.

    Do you think that anything could ever happen again like in Chicago?

  2. ginger said


    My neice is in YWAM Tyler, TX and I have a lot of concerns. She wants to go to India and I have issues cocerning her safety. I also feel it is cult like and I don’t like the idea of this AT ALL. She has been there for less than three months and I just get the feeling it not a good program. Id like to talk to you about my concerns. 804-313-0480 or email me at : ginger.goode@yahoo.com

    Thank you,
    Ginger Goode

    • Martin said

      Could you explain “cult-like” ? I’m wondering about all these posts attacking this organisation but I have not seen the FIRST proof of your accusations. Can you show a video or some type of real-life situation or abuse by WYAM? I’m interested as we just had a gentleman come to our church and I listened, I watched and I read from his life and writings. A man of God who has put his total faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why do you say “cult” I’m curious. Can you show scriptural references to back up what you’re saying or something? Thank you

  3. Karen Stevenson said

    You are lost. I pity you. YWAM is God’s Truth.
    I will pray for your soul.


  4. Randi said

    Hi Jen!

    I hope it is ok that I am writing to you. I am a staff member at a base in Norway. I have had a lot of weird experiences during my time as staff here. When I did my DTS at the same base there where this guy who was contacting me alot. He was a staff member and I was a stundent. We eventually was denied any contact. He did it anyway through sms and showed up when my class had supper. We got together when I finished my DTS. All the base reacted. We were like strangers to them. I felt like they didn’t want anything to do with me. I didn’t understand it. Psychopatic. He even told me that if we didn’t have sex we had nothing, I couldn’t be with other people without him having a serious talk to me about spending time with other people, and how I prioritized my time. (This is just like a percent of everything.) I told my mentor about it. In the end I was so exhausted by his behaviour towards me that I had a month sick leave. During that time he had to leave the base before I was coming back. When I came back people didn’t talk to me about it or anything. It was just weird to me. Now one guy from my DTS came back and he is told to stay away from me and don’t have any one on one conversations with me, and I don’t know why he is told to stay away from me. There is many things I have reacted on. I only mentioned a few here. I’m just afraid of what’s going on and I just want out! I don’t know how to handle all this. It’s like nobody cares. I coul’d have written several pages, but I really hope to have contact with you. I don’t get YWAM. I am a staff, but I feel like I’m part of some kind of cult or something.

    I really appreciate your blog! Thank you for what you have written!


    • Randi said

      Before psychopatic it was suppose to be written that my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) showed up to be really unhealthy in his personality and emotionally abusing me. This behaviour was only visible when it was only me and him.

  5. Andrew said


    Just came to know about your blog. I have really worse exprience in YWAM. And we have YWAM three months ago. Now me & My wife doing Church planting among Beggar. They still trying to spoil our name among local pastor in this city. They have even said that I need to break every realationship with Local pastor and people that i have made in five years staying in YWAM. They still does not want to us to do ministry in this city. They even took or i should say stole our thing from us.
    Thank You for this blog where we can share our heart.

  6. Thelma said

    I would love to talk with you, I have a family member that is caught up in this. I have no where to turn.

  7. Gus said

    It’s been 4 years since you left. I’d like to know how you and your husband are going. You’re in my prayers. R

  8. Rose said

    I am thinking about doing a YWAM or other mission trip through a dif. organization. reading these storys about YWAM is very grieving to my spirit! Being a Christian should improve one’s self through the blood of Jesus, Holy spirit, and God. And yet there seems to be a lot of human nature instead of Jesus in peoples lifes. Being any kind of leader should motivate people to thoroughly look and find, which is entirely possible through Jesus and also assuming one has a brain, the TRUTH in almost everything. So seeing how I want to find truth and not error I was wondering if you could recommend any missions organizations to me that do not have the looming possibility of brian washing ect…But the refreshing TRUTH of my Holy AWESOME GOD.

  9. Bryan Riley said

    For those who are reading this blog and feeling fearful, I definitely hope you will remember that God is love and gives a spirit of power, love and a sound mind, not fear. I am a current YWAMer and have been since 2006. I’ve been associated with bases in Kona, England, South Africa and the Philippines. I also am a member of a conservative Southern Baptist church right in the middle of bible belt America. I definitely have disagreed at times with things people have taught, both in YWAM and in churches I have attended. I am saddened when I hear of tragic stories like some shared here. I’ve heard and experienced similar stories in a church before (but not in YWAM). The point of writing now is to ask should we focus on the negatives we perceive exist in other organizations or humans or should we focus on the goodness and love of Jesus Christ? Where should we fix our eyes and what Spirit should we trust to speak truth and love into our and others’ hearts? I am troubled by a blog focused more on what it calls deception than truth and love and the wonderful grace of our Heavenly Father.

    • Ulf Lidman said

      Your comment is what makes YWAM so dangerous. How can you call it deception when people who have been victims of abuse are voicing their pain. You should really take a good look at what the Bible says about harming those that have been harmed. You are kicking people that are wounded. Just tell me one Bible reference that defends what you just wrote? I hope you stay clear of people that are hurt, you definitely are not bringing any type of healing.

  10. China Mart said

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  11. Frank E said

    We are just 22 months out of YWAM (after 5 years in it). I worked with the gentleman who wrote on Jan 26th. He represents the zealous yet blind leaders I observed in YWAM (most but not all). Just like Paul, many christians today have taken the principles and teaching of christianity and turned them into a power-control cult just like the early Pharisees did with their religion. They say all the “right things” but their hearts are as hard as stone and they have no idea how they are hurting others. Those who think differently then them will be quickly condemned usually using scripture mis-applied in a spirit that is clearly not Christ-like.

    I think 1 Cor 13 applies in this situation: “Though i quote the bible from memory and have achieved leadership status, and can win all theological arguments, but have not love, I am nothing”

    We have been married 44 years…41 of them as christians… lots of highs and lows but our relationships with Christ pulled us through the tough times … my wife is as much a part of me as my left arm. Fast forward to yesterday: She took most of her belongings and left me. She said its a trial separation. My heart is getting kicked again. But His grace is sufficient even for this. You may have guessed it, our relationship has been radically distorted by our experience in YWAM. I had earlier suspicions but dismissed them as coming from weak people who were just bitter for no good reason.

    When I read the reports here… I found new hope. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

    I have a lot more to say…. but thats all for now.

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