How are you connected?

August 6, 2011

One Response to “How are you connected?”

  1. Roxanne said

    I just have to say that not all YWAM bases are like the one you encountered. My daughter is at one in Australia and it is very good. They really encourage people to check every word spoken with the bible and there have been 6 engagements just in the past 2 months so they are definitely not against marriage. And they have several married couples working on the base together. Sometimes power goes to people’s heads and they put themselves before Christ, that should not happen. I am sorry that you experienced a horrible time in YWAM. I know of a base in Hawaii that had some weird things like that but for the most part I think YWAM is a good organization to be apart of. You just really need to do your homework when checking one out. Just as with everything in life nothing is perfect, we are part of a sinful world and sinful people, and we make mistakes.

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