A time for everything

August 5, 2011

I’m back…again.

There’s a time and a season for everything and for the last year and a half, I left this blog in order to attend to family concerns. I would check the blog occasionally, finding that it had taken on a life of its own without any maintenance. I discovered the posts and comments were cathartic to many, many individuals; a site for connection and reassurance.

It had become something I had wished had existed for me when I first realized the damage done to me by spiritual leaders…yet I could not find a site for former YWAMers like me.

I’m so happy that my venture into sharing my experiences with YWAM were able to foster hope, communication, and discussion and ultimately healing to so many. I pray it continues.

Be blessed,


3 Responses to “A time for everything”

  1. D Seymour said

    Hi, Jen. Are you still checking into your blog? I have been involved in a fraud scandal that involves ywam and I am looking to inform people of this specific fraud and to raise awareness of fraud in general, especially in tight knit circles, where relationships are so completely and totally based on trust – where people become very vulnerable. Ywam have done nothing to address the effects of the fraud within and surrounding their organisation. For information, have a look at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/shine-the-light-together/ and the PETRAPeople website: https://sites.google.com/site/petrapeople/ . Leaders have been addressed about the fraud and ignored any interaction / encouragement towards openness, honesty and transparency. I don’t have a website, but I’ve included a friend’s website with further information. Thank you for your honesty and very measured responses to people. I am sure you’ve helped many to overcome their confusing feelings post-dismissal.

  2. Hi Jenn and all,

    I am passing this update below via this site, in hopes that there will be truth and healing in the mission community including for YWAM. Many thanks for taking the time to get informed about how this international fraud affects YWAM and other organisations, and for considering passing on the info to others. It is well-worth your serious review.

    If anyone has any verifiable info about this multi-million dollar fraud, please contact PETRA People. Thanks. petrapeoplenet@gmail.com

    I also just discovered Donna Seymour’s post on this blogsite from April of this year—she is a victim and has acted with the utmost integrity. She has had so much of her money stolen by some “Christians” in missions and almost no one has done anything about it, in spite of direct requests for help and court docs about ministries/projects where stolen money has gone or may have gone. This is just one of many examples.

    Praying for moral courage to clean house, even if it is inconvenient. Or to build on Jenn’s strap line for the blog, ‘seeking and acting on truth, even if it hurts.’

    Truth and peace (Zech 8:19),

    Michele O’Donnell

    (Consulting Psychologist, Member Care in Mission/Aid)
    Global shame or a good name?

    Calling Christians to Integrity and Action

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are writing you to share two important updates that reflect the global effort to acknowledge and confront corruption within the church-mission community. This effort is highlighted in the recent article in the Lausanne Movement’s Global Conversation, Salt and Light: Christians’ Role in Combating Corruption.

    Firstly, 100+ people have signed the Shine the Light-Together petition, based on the PETRA Statement 2012, asking organizations affected by the Nordic Capital Investment (NCI) fraud to take action—to authorise internal and independent reviews with integrity, transparency and accountability. Half of the signatories have been associated with YWAM (staff, supporters) and we are heartened that people are beginning to question explanations/non-disclosures in light of the extensive documentation. Please take time to review this petition and consider signing, acting and passing it on to others.

    Link for petition and PETRA Statement 2012:

    Secondly, the latest Update on the PETRA People weblog (August-September 2012) includes many new documents and quotes that are also worth reviewing. It reaffirms the call for YWAM members, leaders and all those associated, to set up professional internal and independent reviews into the effects of NCI. It also builds upon the many letters asking YWAM leaders for assistance and investigation regarding NCI, including the letter sent to over 100 international YWAM leaders on 5 June 2011. Whilst the millions of dollars/euros in stolen money has devastated victims, and brought reproach on the Christian community, the lack of co-operation and unwillingness to disclose have been equally tragic.

    Link for PETRA People weblog with updates and analyses:

    We continue to be committed to the health of mission organisations such as YWAM and encourage you to join together to require and/or set up reviews as to how the NCI fraud has impacted personnel and projects. All individuals have a right to know the truth and a responsibility to resolutely call for the truth within their organisation.

    With thanks for your integrity,

    PETRA People Network

  3. Ben Swaine said

    There is a balance to be had here going by the experiences that some had in fraud…in being shunned etc………: On balance Floyd’s mission has been largely successful in bringing the word of God to all the 4 corners of Earth……..: The Lords prayer covers all ground, we’re forgiven when we’re able to forgive and to keep that up on a daily basis….: I was shunned but it hasn’t detered me from loving God and accepting Jesus and learn from the Holy Spirit as we go through the healing process and growing………,that’s right..give a hippy superpowers and he goes nuts with it…..and in a nutshell you,ve got a spiritual tyrant running the show….: One blogger put it this way if the group you’re in is full of fear because of the kind of leadership (extreme right wingism mainly from the USA)….then it is prudent to find a group that is also under the YWAM heading that is filled with God’s love and the Elders of that group have patience with difficult people who mainly have had it done to them instead of shunning and showing them the yellow brick to nowhere and that after had taken the fees from them .. ie what happened to me at YWAM Hawick 1980. It doesn’t matter now …..I still get flash backs…and occasionally I trash the place in my head..and then its 4am and I pray I forgive and that enables me to roll over and to sleep it off….: Some ex-YWAMMERS know Floyd and Sally are in their last days..and I keep up with their blog and I’m a firm believer that Floyd had served God’s purpose in setting up YWAM and Dileram houses,and in balance that had also saved a lot of lives as well as………..mine including, many regards Ben Arts (Fb) 🙂

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