Have you had a brush with YWAM?

December 25, 2008

I feel that it is time for me to ask for input from others who have been abused in YWAM and survived. There are so many people coming to my blog because they are walking wounded from their time with YWAM.

If you have come out the other side from YWAM mistreatment, would you be brave enought to tell your story to help another?

If you do not want your name or base printed, that is perfectly fine. I understand firsthand that there can be a great out-lash at those who speak up. You will find this a safe medium to tell your story.

If so, please send your story to:


I pray that those who have been abused can find hope through this blog.


5 Responses to “Have you had a brush with YWAM?”

  1. shanna gallina said

    Please I need help with my daughter who is in 24/7 or now they changed their name to Cadre. Is their teaching and training the same a ywam. It has torn our family apart. It seems like a cult to me. She can not be reached by anyone, family or friends unless your apart of that group. Please we need help. 501-679-0505 or 562-841-9274. Thank you.

  2. Paul said

    Having read some of the comments here and other places I feel saddened that you and others had not experienced the positive aspects of YWAM. I never felt used or abused by leadership. I am not tall, dark, and handsome nor do I believe that I was not picked becuase I looked a certain way. I have never felt extremely gifted or talented, yet YWAM gave me an opportunity to grow, make mistakes, and rebuild.

    This is not to say that there are those in YWAM who had issues. I guess if you look at any large organization you can find those with ill feelings. There are churches and other para-church organizations who have abused teachings and leadership responsibility. Its not in only Charismatic churches with this type of abuse but all denominations.

    Did you ever put a leader (religious or not) on a pedastol? Have you heard teaching (religious or not) that you disagreed with? Have you ever been mistreated by a person or organization (religious or not)? Have you ever mistreated someone? Did you ever believe something that later on in life you had to change? Did you ever desire to be popular, rich, or powerful?

    Welcome to the human race. Though we should all know better, Christian or not, it has happened. Yes, Christians should be held to a higher standard, but that’s the crux or the matter. Plow through it, keep on keeping on, recieve love, forgive, do better. How many are gone from your church who use to be loved and well respected. Its a shame but life goes on. Make peace with it, move on.

    • Martin Spadaro said

      Dear Paul,

      You shouldn’t try to trivialise the traumas that people have experienced in YWAM just because you had an uneventful experience. Many people who committed considerable portions of their lives to serving God in YWAM have come to the conclusion that YWAM was manipulative and misguided. May I suggest you take some classes at a reputable theological school; you will then see how far YWAM has strayed from historical Christian thought.



      • Deanna L. White said

        Thanks much, Martin. Late nights like this one I get to rethinking my involvement in Ywam many years ago…yes, I have forgiven, but I still must guard my thoughts and my heart to keep from falling into any similar patterns of unGodly submission and subservience. The enemy of our souls uses whomever he finds willing to beat the saints down mentally and emotionally. He recognises those of us who have a hurt place that can be bulit upon for more hurt…and he has people who see those places and do NOT do Gods will but their own…manipulating snd co-ercing and shaming.Your comment has helped me to keep on keeping on with restoration of my injured soul. I truly beleive this is a process….God is faithful and I will forever trust Him for my healing. AMEN!

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