My past

November 19, 2007

I was raised in a non-denominational church in the southern desert of New Mexico. My earliest memories are of attending children’s church, singing songs about Zacheus, a man of height limitations and of Jesus loving all the children. At the age of three, I went forward to “give my heart to Jesus” and while I was only 3, I knew what I was doing. -I was asking “Jesus into my heart” so that I could get a colorful hand puppet given to the good little children who asked Jesus to dwell in their hearts. I had had my eye on that plastic ‘salvation-plan’ hand puppet for quite a while, so I made my move for it.

Truth is, I already knew God. I never felt a love, or a drawing toward the person Jesus. Nonetheless, I was a Christian and continued to attend church and I even attended the Christian school ran by my church.

I had a knack for seeking truth. I began studying the Bible from the time I was 6. In the first grade, I was given my first full Bible and I immediately began to read and take it in.

Within a few years of reading on my own, I had tons of questions. I asked leaders and adults I knew that were ‘mature’ Christians. My questions about the Trinity were hushed when my adult mentors could not answer my questions fully.

“Don’t question the Bible!” I was told.

Why shouldn’t I?” I always asked.

I was not a popular child at children’s church once I had begun to read on my own….by the time I was nine years old, I stopped going to children’s church and attended the adult services. -That opened up a whole other can of worms and with it, a whole lot of shushing.


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